Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

Total: 32 semester hours

  • Eight graduate courses (32 semester hours of credit) are required for the degree: three required courses and five elective courses. The required courses provide a basic training in mathematical methods, and the elective courses include a wide variety of advanced topics. In addition the program allows up to two of the elective courses to be taken outside the Mathematics Department.

Course Requirements

  • Required courses:

Three core courses: Introduction to Mathematical Methods and Modeling, Applied Statistics or Mathematical Statistics, Analysis 1 or Algebra 1 or Probability 1. 

Five electives: Three must be graduate courses offered by the Department of Mathematics. With approval of the Graduate Coordinator, two may be graduate courses outside of the department.


News: The Math Department plans to invest in its professional MS programs to increase enrollments and make the Masters in Applied Mathematics (MSAM) and in Operations Research (MSOR) programs more valuable to their students. This investment will involve increasing the number of graduate courses in applied mathematics that we offer each year, and making these courses more relevant to employment in industry.

In Spring 2014, we will begin introducing new graduate courses in numerical analysis, computational methods, machine learning, and game theory. All of these courses will have a strong emphasis on applications. In fact, in many cases the courses will be taught by practitioners from industry who use the mathematical concepts in their professional work.