Master of Science in Operations Research

Total: 32 semester hours

  • This program will provide training in the basic techniques and theory of operations research and their applications to real-world problems. Graduates should have developed their analytical skills to attack complex, large-scale optimization problems of both a deterministic and stochastic nature. Eight 4-semester-hour graduate courses are required for this degree. To qualify for the degree, a minimum cumulative average of 3.000, equivalent to a grade of B, must be obtained. Some courses listed for this program are offered in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering.

The  students can also participate in the optional internship program.

Course Requirements

  • Required courses:

Four core courses: Probability 1 or Engineering Probability and Statistics, Probability 2 or Probabilistic Operations Research, Deterministic Operations Research, Optimization. Four elective courses from the following list: Mathematical Statistics, Enumeration, Data structures, Stochastic Calculus and No-arbitrage Finance, Statistical decisions, Complexity Theory, Economic Decision Making, Multi-criteria Decision Making, Logistics, Warehousing and Scheduling, Reliability and Risk Assessment.


News: The Math Department plans to invest in its professional MS programs to increase enrollments and make the Masters in Applied Mathematics (MSAM) and in Operations Research (MSOR) programs more valuable to their students. This investment will involve increasing the number of graduate courses in applied mathematics that we offer each year, and making these courses more relevant to employment in industry.

In Spring 2014, we will begin introducing new graduate courses in numerical analysis, computational methods, machine learning, and game theory. All of these courses will have a strong emphasis on applications. In fact, in many cases the courses will be taught by practitioners from industry who use the mathematical concepts in their professional work.