Andrei Zelevinsky 1953-2013

The Department of Mathematics is very sad to announce the passing of one of its eminent faculty members, Professor Andrei Zelevinsky. Professor Zelevinsky spent 22 very productive years at Northeastern University, and just recently was awarded the title of University Distinguished Professor.

Professor Zelevinsky demonstrated his mathematical prowess at an early age, winning the Silver Medal of the International Mathematics Olympiad when he was 16 years old, assuring his admission to Moscow State University. He made major contributions to several areas of mathematics, including representation theory, algebraic geometry, and algebraic and polyhedral combinatorics. More recently, together with Professor Sergey Fomin of the University of Michigan, he created the theory of cluster algebras, which has undergone an explosive growth and has applications in a wide range of areas of mathematics. Cluster Algebras were the theme of a semester-long series of conferences and symposia at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in the Fall of 2012.

The Department of Mathematics had planned a major workshop funded by the National Science Foundation this month that would have honored Professor Zelevinsky’s 60th birthday, but will now be in honor of his life and work. His loss is deeply felt by his many friends and colleagues at Northeastern and beyond.

Professor Zelevinsky is survived by his parents Vladlen and Natalia, his brother Dimitri, his wife, Galina, his children Katya and Leo, a daughter-in-law, Karen, and grandchildren.

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