Degrees and Requirements

Math Majors may pursue either a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA). The BA, which has a reduced number of math electives and an increased number of general electives, is frequently the choice for those planning a career in primary or secondary education, but either degree program is flexible enough to allow students to include a minor in their curriculum.

You can find program requirements along with sample calendars and curricula in the NU catalog. Or you can check requirements for any program by clicking on “explore options” in your degree audit.

The College of Science in conjunction with the Math Department also offers a BS/MS degree program which allows qualified undergraduate students to earn a Master's in addition to a Bachelor's degree with only one additional year of study. Students apply for admission to the BS/MS program just before  the Fall semester of their junior year. For more information, please contact the Head Advisor, Professor Solomon Jekel.